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Figueroa Mountain

ACL holds its star parties along Figueroa Mountain Road near Ranger Peak during the warmer months of the year, usually at Site 1.5, as we call it.  To get there, take state highway 154 to Los Olivos, turn north onto Figueroa Mountain Road, reset your trip meter or note your odometer reading, and then go 15.6 miles.  Be forewarned that this is a very narrow, twisty road much of the way, so please drive carefully.  Allow at least 30 minutes to get up the mountain from Los Olivos.  Look for astronomers and their telescopes on the right-hand side of the road (assuming you're not the first to show up).

(click for a Google map)
Look for these places along your way:
11.9 miles  Ranger Station
12.4 miles  Tunnell Road
12.9 miles  Stay right at this fork in the road
13.3 miles  Campground entrance
14.5 miles  Site 1.0, on the left
15.6 miles  Site 1.5, on the right
These mileages are from one vehicle's trip meter; yours may differ slightly.  The mile markers seemed to be 0.1 mile higher.  There don't seem to be any readable mile markers near the star party site.
Elevation at Site 1.5 is about 4150 feet, so it is sometimes much colder than in the valleys below.  On the other hand, we sometimes get temperature inversions in the summer where it is warmer.  The best advice is to dress in layers and be ready for any weather.
GPS coordinates for Site 1.5:  N 34 43.197', W 119 57.391'
Star party etiquette should be followed as much as possible.  Bright lights ruin night vision, so try to get there before it gets dark and use a red flashlight or keep flashlights off.
These events are weather-permitting, and the number of club members attending can vary a great deal due to a variety of reasons.  So we can't guarantee you will find anyone there even if it's on our calendar.  If you are participating for the first time, it is best to coordinate with a club member that is going.
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