Astronomy Club of Lompoc
(aka ACL)

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Welcome to the ACL Calendar of Events.

Upcoming Events

  • Star Parties (Please see calendar below).
  • June 14, 2019: ACL meeting. 7:00PM Manzanita School teachers lounge.
  • July 12, 2019: ACL meeting. 7:00PM Manzanita School teachers lounge.
  • Everyone is welcome to attend club meetings and star parties.
    If you are passing through town, have an interest in astronomy, or just want to look through a telescope, then please join us.

  • Star parties are weather-permitting events, and the number of club members attending can vary a great deal due to a variety of reasons. We can't guarantee you will find anyone there even if it's on our calendar. If you are participating for the first time, it is best to coordinate with a club member that is going.

  • Star Parties usually start just before sunset.

  • Star party etiquette should be followed as much as possible. Bright lights ruin night vision, so try to get there before it gets dark and use a red flashlight or keep flashlights off.

2019 Star Party Calendar (Download PDF)
Qtr Moon Qtr Moon New Moon
January 12th @ Obs 26th @ Obs 5th @ Obs
February 9th @ Obs 23rd @ Obs 2nd @ Obs
March 2nd @ Obs 30th @ Obs 9th @ Obs
April 13th @ Obs 27st @ Obs 6th @ Obs(Fig)
May 11th @ Obs 25th @ Obs 4th @ Obs(Fig)
June 8th @ Obs 29th @ Obs 1st @ Obs(Fig)
July 13th @ Obs 27st @ Obs 6th @ Obs(Fig)
August 1st @ Obs 24th @ Obs 31th @ Obs(Fig)
September 7th @ Obs 21st @ Obs 28th @ Obs(Fig)
October 5th @ Obs 19th @ Obs 26th @ Obs
November 2nd @ Obs 30th @ Obs 23rd @ Obs
December 7th @ Obs 21th @ Obs 28th @ Obs
Locations: Obs=Observatory Fig=Figueroa Mtn.(Optional)
Qtr Moon = Approximate Phase